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About Us

Looking for better opportunities both for living and work is human nature and people generally are ready to move to any country for fulfilling the same. But it is always not that easy as every country has its own visa and immigration-related policies for the immigrants so that only those skills which are required in respective countries can move in there. So for moving to other countries selecting the right category of visa can be a tough task for a common man who has little knowledge of all these technicalities. That is when services of professional immigration consultancy come handy, which helps the aspirant applicant in a selection of right visa category and through the whole process of application till getting visa application done.


Sync Visas Dubai is a well-known name in the field of Visas and works permits with two offices located in Dubai and UK. Our team is taking care of all visa application related assignment for its clients with best of the efforts and satisfaction of the client.

Right from 2014 when we started our operation with UK registration, we have been greatly appreciated by our valued clients in getting their Visas done successfully. Our success is clearly visible in their reviews which they have given on our website.


The reason of our success lies in the professional and honest approach of our dedicated team of experienced and expert professional consultants who have complete knowledge of the visa policies and immigration-related laws of the country they are dealing with. As each country keeps on changing it’s visa-related policies regularly depending on the requirements, it’s very important for the person responsible for handling the visa application stay updated with these immigration-related policies changes. Our experts are fully aware of this fact and they constantly keep on refreshing their knowledge and databases for the same.


 Every individual client has its own different profile and it is very important to work out the profile with all details and remove the negative so that the applicant can get the application successful.

We provide a complete range of services right from the screening of application until the visa application gets approved and yet we managed to keep our charges very manageable and reasonable. We and our dedicated team try to offer completely professional, customize personalized services to the clients.


 Sync Visas, Dubai deals with all countries and all categories of Visas and work permits for you.

Generally, as par current trend USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand etc are some of the top immigrant’s destination across the world where people are willing to work and live. As all these are top developed economies of the world they offer best of the living standard, excellent work condition with good wages, top class medical facilities for its resident free or at highly subsidised prices. The natural environment in all these countries is also good for health with not too much variations except for few exceptions. The transportation connectivity with public transport is equally good at reasonable price. a world-class education is available in all these countries with reasonable fees, whereas Germany even offers free university education to its residents.



1- the USA is the top destination for the people who are interested in moving to for better opportunities and lifestyle. As a top economy in the world, it offers excellent work condition with good salaries and facilities. It offers visas under the various category for the people interested. broadly the same can be decided into following categories.

  1. A) H1B visa for working technical and management professional

  2. B) R visa – for religious workers

  3. C) E3 visa work visa for Australia residents

  4. D) O1, P1 – For athletes and Artists

  5. E) E1, E 2 for investor and trade category

  6. F) B1, B2 visa for temporary and business visa

  7. G) F1, F2 ,M1, M2 – Student visas

Other then the above-Mentioned visas for tourist, medical treatment, family and GREEN card are also offered. And our team provide assistance for all.



Australia- offers one of the best living and working condition in the world. With excellent natural environment, it’s one of the best countries for a living. Due to its low population and developed economy, Australia constantly requires new workforce for its labour market so it’s government has a quite lenient immigration policy for the immigrants. The OZ Govt has a clear vision that the purpose of migration is to create a strong economy, helping family reunion and fulfil the requirements of its booming Labour market. Australia has its own skilled shortage list of trades which includes many professions and trades required .it has introduced a point-based system for the visa or work permits aspirants. The visas for Australia can broadly be divided into following categories.


  1. A) Skilled Immigration Categories Subclass 189,190, 489

  2. B) Graduate temporary visa Subclass 485

  3. C) Visitor visa sub class 600

  4. D) E visitor subclass 651

  5. E) Medical treatment subclass 602

  6. F) Skilled regional subclass 887


Australia skill shortage list includes Electrician, Plumbers, construction managers, Fitters, bricklayer, welders and professional like Nurses, IT professional, Engineer and MBA etc.

Australia is issuing somewhere around 2 lakh visas per year in the skilled category. Among total visas issues,, 68 per cent are in this category and rest are in family visa and others.


3) Germany

Is among top 5 economies in the world and offers good world class living and work condition. It offers excellent health care system along with free University education for its residents. Germany is having a fast-ageing population so it requires workforce both for taking care of its ageing population and labour market. Nurses and medical professionals are in great demand there. It offers visas for IT professional, engineer, health research professional etc. Germany offers visas and works permits broadly divided into two categories.

For European Union and

For now European Union countries under immigration act or The Residence Act.


Following are the broad categories under The Residence Act

A] Temporary Residence permit

B] European Union blue card

C]  Settlement Permits

D] European Union Long-term Residence permit


It also offers visas short-term Schengen Visas for tourist, guest scientist, trade fair and exhibition, medical treatment etc. For a period of 90 days.




Canada is one of the best countries to live and work in with excellent work condition with good wages and the high-quality lifestyle it offers. It is considered to be one of the most liberal countries towards the immigrants. Canada offers around 3 lakh permanent residency to the immigrants every year. Which is obviously a big source of revenue for it though. It offers work permits in big numbers every year to fulfil the requirements of its labour market. Its government has started a new express entry level visa category for aspirants with The skills needed in Canada.

It offers visas under the following categories.


  1. A) Federal Skilled work permits

  2. B) Federal Skilled trade permit

  3. C) Canadian experience class

  4. D) Provincial nomination


It offers citizenship just after three years of arriving as a permanent resident in the country. Family, Business, study, tourist visas are also offered by Canadian Govt under different categories.


[ Sync Visas Dubai since it’s inception in last four years of existence have helped thousands of applicants in moving to The place of their dreams and live a life st they always dream of.